Comey Leaked Information and Lied About It Under Oath

Comey Leaked Information and Lied About It Under Oath

James Comey leaked information to the mainstream press and then he lied about it under oath.  When he was FBI director, Comey was the information leak.  In May, he testified under oath that he never leaked information.  The FBI is part of the executive branch, and Trump was Comey’s boss, so he had every right to talk with Comey about this activities.  There was nothing illicit going on there.  What was illicit was what Comey was drumming up fake stories and fake news and sharing it with outside sources.  What was illegal was lying about it under oath!

Comey is part of a bigger machine in our government that is trying to destroy us from the inside out, starting with President Trump.  We should all be wary.  Pay close attention.  Take names and remember when it comes time to vote in 2018.  The rats in our government are showing themselves clearly. Just look at those who are stepping up to defend Comey.  We expect if from the Democrats, but it is shocking to see how many Republicans are coming out to defend him.  (Breitbart)

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