Comey Testimony Destroys Liberal Mainstream Media

Comey Testimony Destroys Liberal Mainstream Media

The tangled web of deceit created and promoted by liberal media outlets in the United States and around the world is collapsing and taking mainstream media giants down with it.  James Comey’s testimony is revealing much more than they had intended, and now they don’t know how to stop it.  They were so laser-focused on getting the scoop, and they wanted so badly to be the spark to light the bonfire that destroyed the Trump presidency that they lost control.  Their political puppet masters lost control of these media minions.

The first revelation is the truth.  The information is coming out.  It cannot be contained, especially since they are the very people who have made the Comey hearings the quintessential media circus.  They preordained this the top story because it was going to take down Trump’s presidency and be the biggest story since Nixon’ resignation.  Now, they must participate in their own downfall, and they are in a lose-lose situation.  They either participate in this media feeding frenzy or take the high road and stop covering this big nothing-burger, non-news story.  They must participate and report on the destructive truths that are being revealed or stop reporting the very news that they endlessly pushed as the top story and lose their audiences.  Either way, they are dead as news sources.

The Comey testimony is revealing that liberal mainstream media have been methodically tearing down our freedoms and our country.  They have been aligned with nefarious leaders on both sides of our political aisle for decades.  Whatever the Clintons wanted, the Clintons got.  Whatever the Bushes wanted, the Bushes got.  Whatever the Obamas wanted, the Obamas got.  Trump would have nothing of that nonsense.  Government is created by the people and for the people.  News should be truthful.

They built their house one lie at a time.  They went the extra mile to support their next leader, Hillary Clinton, but they went too far.  It was inevitable that their fragile house of cards would come crashing down.  The question was when, and would we live to see the day?  For decades, it took time and effort to find the truth, but it was always there.  Now, the truth flows in the ether for easy consumption by Everyday Joe.  We are seeing these revelations almost every day now, and Comey’s testimony is latest to do major damage to the brands of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and so many others.

Mainstream media have been lying to us for decades.  They have been supporting the Left’s mission to destroy our nation with lies built upon lies.  They are the fifth column of our dark government and have been for generations.  Some of us could see it, but if we talked of it, we were labeled kooks and conspiracists.  As Americans, we all tend to think the best of people, and that we all basically have good intentions.  We may disagree and think that others are misinformed or misguided, but it is difficult for us to think that our leaders or neighbors really want to do us harm.

This allowed the media fifth column to infiltrate the very fabric of our libertarian, pioneering American culture and confuse us with their diabolical disinformation – up is down, good is bad, right is wrong.  Many, many were deceived, perhaps all their lives.  These masters of disinformation thrive in the swamp of Washington, D.C. where it is almost a sport for the useful idiots to demonstrate that they are the most informed.

Well no more.  The majority of Americans have awakened to the harsh truth.  The mainstream media and the globalists are working hard to take us down.  This great awakening has liberals and their globalist masters peeing their pants.  They were betting on the fact that we would not awaken until the proper time when we were all enslaved and imprisoned (metaphorically or physically) and could do nothing about it.  The proverbial frogs in the boiling pot of water – too late, already cooked!  But, no.  Donald J. Trump stepped up to do the right thing and took on this huge job and lead us to make America great again.

For decades, mainstream media in the U.S. were our only source of information, but then Ronald Reagan came along and put the kibosh on the Fairness Doctrine, and it opened all kinds of doors for modern information and news – especially news on radio and ultimately the internet.  Rush Limbaugh started his program, The American Spectator and other conservative magazines flourished.  People started using the internet when it really was only a network of servers (remember newsgroups?).  The explosion of internet news came in the early 90’s with the advent of browsers and a way to consolidate information for easy reading.  Matt Drudge and Joseph Farah are heroes.  Conservatives were free to speak the truth without having to provide equal time for the brainwashing liberals.

Hillary knew the internet was dangerous to her power structure back in the early 90’s when she tried to first gain control of it.  She knew the internet had the potential to destroy the Left’s master plan.  That’s why she went after them.  She threw lawsuit after lawsuit at Tyrell (American Spectator) and Joe Farah (World Net Daily), and she nearly succeeded in destroying them in those early days.  She wielded her husband’s (and her own) power during his two stints as president and then again as New York Senator and as Secretary of State.  She used and abused her power in so many ways, leveraging our own laws to control information on the internet.  But, good always wins over evil.  She did not succeed then, and she will not succeed now as long as we are aware and vigilant.

Liberals are still trying to pass laws to control the internet in one way or another.  They all know that you can’t control the thoughts and actions of Americans without first controlling their sources of information.  They are not giving up.  Their latest tactic is to ally with the Sultans of the Silicon Valley.  Keep a close eye on Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

They will never put the free-information genie back in a bottle.  We will never let that go without a real fight.  It’s too late.  It is over for the Left.  This is no longer a secret to only a few who had ready access to the internet.  It is now common knowledge.  The sleeping giant that is the American Silent Majority is wide awake, and we know what you on the left have been doing.  The jig is up!

Real news sources like Breitbart, World Net Daily, The Daily Caller, and Infowars are far outpacing viewers and readers.  Well above CNN, MSNBC, and Fox combined.  Yes, Fox, even though we still love Sean Hannity, Fox is part of the mainstream media fifth column.

Read more about Sean Hannity’s analysis of the Comey testimony.  It is confirming what we already knew about the scheming Left.  They have been lying to us for decades while supporting one-world-order oligarchs like Hillary Clinton and George Soros.  Shameful and disgusting.  The Left like to think that the ends justify the means, and they are justified in doing whatever it takes to reach their goals.  That only helps them sleep at night because deep down, they know it is evil.  (Breitbart)

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