McCain Reveals His True Allegiance Lies with Obama

McCain Reveals His True Allegiance Lies with Obama

Senator John McCain revealed his true allegiance.  It’s not to the Republican party or this Republican president, and it’s not to the United States of America.  He publicly said that America was better off under the Obama administration.

We have known for years that McCain was a Democrat in Republican clothing.  He is loyal to the Clintons, the Obamas, and the globalist establishment.  He not only proves his true allegiance in this public statement, but he also shows us that he has no concern for the general welfare of our country.  He claims to be a patriot.  As a patriot, he should be supporting our sitting president – our sitting REPUBLICAN president.  He should not be publicly shaming this president and promoting separatism.  This only sends a signal of weakness to our enemies.  And yes, we do have enemies.  That is human reality.

Shame on you John McCain.  You are no war hero, you were a prisoner of war.  You survived, which is great for you and great for your family, but you are no war hero, and you are no American patriot.  Stop playing that card.  We know who you really are.  You have spent far too long pretending to be a conservative patriot.  You are an oligarch and part of the globalist establishment, and you have sold your soul to the liberals.

The good news for us is that this is just more of the unintended consequences of Liberal’s new-found boldness that we have witnessed since Trump’s election.  Liberals really do think that Trump’s election was just a crazy mistake.  They have had a mental breakdown en masse, and they cannot mentally digest the fact that the majority of voters in America voted for a true patriot and a great leader.  Americans voted to drain the swamp of crooked, professional government leaders, and they voted for someone who can get that job done.

Liberals are emboldened by their delusion that the election was fixed and that we all think the way they do.  There just can be no other possible answer for Trump getting into the White House.  So, they think they just need to speak out, and the rest of us will stand up and agree, because that’s their delusion (their reality).  They just need to boldly lead in that direction, and we will follow.  We’re really just all too afraid to speak out.  So, our political leaders and popular entertainers now boldly expose their true colors.  To their surprise, we will vote with our consumer dollars, and we will vote again for true conservative leaders.  We will remember, and the voters in Arizona will remember.  (The Hill)

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