Penn Station Falls Apart

Penn Station Falls Apart

Another sad example of big government mismanagement to add to a long list of every big government project we have ever seen.  Think about the $8 billion a quarter that the U.S. postal service loses; the terrible return on investment we get from our public education system; $1000 toilets seats and $500 hammers on major construction projects; and now, more proof of the financial disaster that is Amtrak.

The architectural gem that is Penn Station is falling apart and may be lost forever, and the taxpayers are fed up.  Obamacare is the next big government project that will rob us of our wealth and standard of living.  When our economy was booming, we could afford the slush that was in every big government contract.  Now that our coffers are empty, and we continue to have to support the world economically and defensively, the bills are all coming due, and we suffer.

Yet another reason American voters voted for Trump.  It is time to drain the swamp of corrupt leaders, at both the local and federal levels.  (ZeroHedge)

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