Comey Leaked Classified Information

Comey Leaked Classified Information

Comey is now in real trouble.  He gave Hillary Clinton a pass when she leaked classified information in her private email and on her private email servers.  Her flip handling of classified information may have even cost people their lives, but Comey chose not to pursue an investigation.  Ironically, he is now in trouble for the very same crimes.  He is in trouble for leaking classified information in his personal documents.  As he testified last month, he wrote personal documents about his meetings with President Trump, but those documents also contained classified information which, as he knows full well, is in violation of FBI rules.

Perhaps, it is not irony, but this is the tip of the iceberg of the abuse of power and possibly criminal behavior that our corrupt leaders have been committing for a long while.  Are we just beginning to see the truth about all of these Hillary supporters?  Their tangled web of deceit is so thick that they cannot possibly keep the story together any longer.  Everyday more of their corrupt activity is revealed  (ZeroHedge)

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