Sometimes the Numbers Do Lie

Sometimes the Numbers Do Lie

This just proves what most of us knew all along.  The polls during the election and any topic related to President Trump were twisted.  It’s no wonder liberals had a complete meltdown on election night.  Everything they were seeing and reading pointed to a huge win for Hillary Clinton.  How could it be that Trump won?!  To liberals, the only answer was that the election was fraudulent and fixed, and it must have been fixed by the Russians!

Those of us who seek out quality, diverse news sources and don’t like to be spoon-fed our opinions, could see that Trump was a wildly popular candidate.  There were always long lines out the door at his rallies, and people drove for hundreds of miles to support him.  People really like him, and they like what he stands for!  Hillary?  Not so much.  The media had to zoom in on the video shots at her rallies just to make the crowds seem larger.

We all knew that was fake news, so the answer had to be that the polls were just wrong, but we didn’t want to assume they were intentionally fixed.  The simple answer is always the truth, and the truth is that the polls were twisted, contorted, and sometimes fake.  Don’t trust anything at face value, and never trust statistics from a liberal.  There is no honor among thieves.  The lunatic left faked the polls and thought we would never find out.  (Breitbart)

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