Nobel Prizewinner Knows Nothing About Economics

Nobel Prizewinner Knows Nothing About Economics

Joseph Stiglitz won the Nobel prize for economics in 2001.  Former President Obama spouted his under-educated opinions disguised as facts about economics during his entire presidency.  Stiglitz continues to spout ridiculous falsehoods as truths about the green energy industry.  He claims that the solar power industry creates more jobs than the coal industry.  Utter nonsense when the truth is that solar energy accounts for less than 1% of our nation’s energy needs.  Coal takes up the bulk of it.

Perhaps one day solar will provide the energy we need for a real growing economy, but it’s more likely to be nuclear power.  A growing, job-creating economy is not based on a shaky, politically correct industry like green power.  Solar energy, like any industry, should be about the delivery of a product that people need, not about creating jobs.  The jobs are a terrific side effect of a real and growing industry (think about Microsoft and Apple), but the industry itself is not the promoted simply to create jobs.  If that were the case, we could all be out picking up garbage and sifting through it for recyclables.  Everyone would have a job!

President Trump knows that cheap energy is what will drive our economic recovery.  The citizens of the U.S.A and the free market will do the rest.  Delingpole takes a swing at Stiglitz and hits another home run.  Don’t miss this article (Breitbart)

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