Confusing and Abusing Children

Confusing and Abusing Children

The LGBT movement and transgender re-education have reached the level of child abuse.  In Rocklin, CA, a little first grader was sent to the principal’s office and interrogated for an hour for calling her classmate by his given name.  Problem is, the little boy had recently declared that he was really a little girl and wanted to be called by different name.  His/her classmates had no idea.

The little girl was sent to the office and grilled by the child experts.  They accused her of “misgendering” and had to be sure she wasn’t bullying her transgender classmate (who is also only 6 years old).  The education experts are now making up words too.  “Misgendering” – feh.  We really have entered a Brave New World.  Are you home schooling yet?  This mental abuse should not be tolerated.  (Breitbart)

And another story from Rocklin, CA.  Children went home trembling and crying after their kindergarten teacher read them a book about being transgender.  One little girl was terrified that she was going to turn into a boy.  This is child abuse.  The poor kids don’t know anything about what they’re hearing, and they are being told by their authority figures that they can choose their gender (or a different gender can choose them) at any time.  If your teacher says it, it must be true!  How would a child know to question authority?  (Breitbart)

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