Eric Holder Exposes His Hypocrisy

Eric Holder Exposes His Hypocrisy

Former Attorney General Eric Holder criticized President Trump for not responding swiftly with accusations of racism against the Charlottesville, VA protesters.  What Eric forgot is that we out on the internet have memories, and nothing dies on the internet.

Holder is a hypocrite.  Just a few short years ago, he called the Jihadist terrorist attack by soldier Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood, Texas an act of workplace violence.  Hassan was shouting “Allahu Akbar” while he gunned down his fellow soldiers.  He killed 13 and injured many.  Still, Holder refused to call it what it was – an act of terrorism.  Nope, he said that was workplace violence.  What an idiot.  Holder is part of the disinformation machine trying to tear our country apart.  (WorldNetDaily)

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