Idiot vs. Mensa Member

Idiot vs. Mensa Member

Idiot, Matthew Jacob of Long Island, NY, threatened James Woods on Twitter.  James Woods a famous actor and a member of Mensa.  James not only took the opportunity to publicly back Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, into a corner and ask if threats against conservatives warrant Twitter’s attention, but he also noted that Jacob linked his Twitter account to his Instagram account and did the FBI’s job for them too.  The guy had pictures of his motorcycle and license plates on Instagram.  A real genius.

Wonder if the FBI will press charges and wonder if Twitter will do something about his account.  Threatening to hit someone over the head with a 2×4 is a real threat.  One might even call it hate speech.  Oh wait, Woods is the wrong color, heterosexual, and still has all his bits.  These days, he doesn’t qualify for any protection under the law.  (GatewayPundit)

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