Mike Rowe Educates a Critic

Mike Rowe Educates a Critic

Mike Rowe, from the popular TV show Dirty Jobs, educates a critic on his Facebook page.  Mike is awesome.  Intelligent, funny, and hard working!  It figures that a pseudo-intellectual would attempt to criticize him publicly, and then do it in such a terribly embarrassing way.  Mike countered every point perfectly.

He missed only one point right off the top.  His critic started his rant with, “One of the tenants (sic) of White Nationalism…”  Is that the Hotel White Nationalism?  Don’t call yourself an intellectual if you can’t put together a sentence properly and use proper vocabulary and grammar.  Tenant vs. tenet.  Look it up.  It’s a common mistake, but not often made by a self-described intellectual.  It’s surprising that Rowe got past the first 10 words.  But, he did and taught this guy a lesson.  Great read, don’t miss it.  Rowe is in classic form.  Dirty Jobs – great show, very funny.  Vote with your consumer dollars and precious free time.  (Breitbart)

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