A Hard Day’s Work

A Hard Day’s Work

While some view Labor Day as an opportunity to unite the common worker under their united socialists party umbrella, Labor Day is still a day for American workers to gather together, celebrate our blessings, and enjoy the last days of summer with friends and family.  The media (and any envious foreign nation) like to portray Americans as fat and lazy, but Americans are hard workers.  We have built an amazing nation.  We didn’t get here by pushing down others, we got here by thinking independently, following our passions, and putting in more hours than most anyone else on the planet.  Our lofty work ethic, strong moral fiber, and freedom to pursue our passions have allowed us to become amazingly successful.

We would like for every capable adult to be gainfully employed.  The nanny state should be forever buried in a dark hole.  It is a soul killer.  Men and women must work, and we must have the freedom to choose our work.  This is not a Brave New World.  We should be able to choose what we do and how hard we work.  And to that end, the reward should align with effort.

Reward and effort may not always seem aligned, because risk is a factor.  Risk, resources, and effort lead to reward.  Sometimes you don’t see or know everything leading to the apparent success of your neighbor, so don’t assume.  You may be seeing only the end result of decades of hard work and sacrifice.  Nothing comes for free, and if you work, you should be rewarded.  If you work more than your neighbor, then you should be rewarded accordingly.  No form of communism works.  Fair reward for risk and hard work is the only way.  Nothing else fits our human model.  If you’re not reading Proverbs, at least go read The Little Red Hen (the original, not the bastardized modern version where everyone just shares in the end and lives happily every after.  We don’t all get a trophy just for showing up to the game).

Those who are unemployed today need to stay strong and committed to finding employment.  Remember that God puts opportunities in front of you.  Be watchful and choose wisely.  Stop comparing yourself to TV characters, the latest Hollywood star’s reality TV show, or even your so-called friends on Facebook.  They are plastic people and liars.  If you strive to be like the people you see on television, you will only be selfish and end up miserable.

Those who are employed are certainly grateful to be so, but sometimes we do grow weary.  Burnout and overwork are real, and sometimes we lose perspective.  It’s not always easy, but remember you are where you are for a reason.  Perhaps for your family, perhaps for your coworkers, perhaps all for you to learn and develop new skills you will need in the future.

This Labor Day, remember what God says about work.  God provides opportunities.  It is up to us to seize them.  Don’t miss this article from Rev. Mark Creech to help you stay strong, committed, and grateful!  (ChristianPost)

And remember, we all need to think about our great nation and the actions our government leaders are taking that affect our work opportunities.  Then, think about how you choose to vote in the next elections.  Those next decisions are not just for you but for your children and grandchildren.  Our leaders today are setting us all on our path to the future, and as we have already learned, it is very difficult to undo or change some of those bad decisions (think Obamacare).  Don’t be that person who makes purely selfish decisions either.  The very existence of our beautiful constitutional republic depends on you.  Understand why your elected officials are making certain decisions.  The ugly truth will shock you.  If it is not for the good of our nation or the American people, it almost always comes down to personal gain in wealth or power.

Our government leaders need to get out of the way and allow small businesses to bud and grow.  Our government must encourage and fertilize our entrepeneurial spirit.  We are a worldwide magnet for hardworking immigrants for that very spirit.  Most of you are probably not more that 2 or 3 generations from the very same kind of hardworking immigrants.  Come here legally, work hard, melt into the great melting pot, and join in our success.  For their role, our government must remove the bureaucratic roadblocks.  President Trump knows this well, and he is working to remove the choking rules and taxes that are destroying small businesses and the livelihood of the American worker.

Small businesses have always been our American road to prosperity.  Monolithic monopolies will destroy us.  Even they all started as small businesses.  HP and Apple both started in garages.  Walmart and JC Penney started as small merchandising stores.  They all started small.  Some brought about huge paradigm shifts in our economy, our lives, and the world, but they all started small.  Imagine if large businesses in their time had tried to lobby government to shut down those small businesses.

Imagine if IBM and HP had lobbied congress to put up roadblocks for Apple or Microsoft.  Ironically, and thankfully, IBM and HP didn’t think Microsoft and Apple had a chance.  Their executives famously questioned why anyone would ever want a computer in their home!  It is that very idea of the old guard either not understanding the idea, being lost in their own bureaucratic thinking, or simply doing everything in their power to protect what they already have, that our government needs to help us avoid for us to continue to grow.  If IBM and HP hadn’t stepped on their own capes with their own bad decisions but had used their lobbyists to buy off senators and congressman to push down their competition, where would we be today?  If Apple and Microsoft had been buried in government rules and regulations before they even had a chance to begin, where would we be today?

For small businesses today, things are tough and getting tougher.  They are buried in rules, regulations, and burdensome taxes.  Some never even begin, because it is just too overwhelming.  Sadly, once big businesses get their huge slice of the economic pie (Apple and Microsoft now included), they just want to shut down opportunities for their competition.  It is up to our government leaders to protect us from that, not to be in bed with big business.  And, watch out for the mainstream media complex, they are in bed with all of them.  The mainstream media are in bed with big business and big business oligarchs.  The American worker is just a cog in their machine.

If the American worker is to survive, the cycle of payoffs, bribes, and mutual back-scratching needs to stop!  We need to stop it.  Our corrupt politicians are playing along with corrupt corporations and crushing small businesses in regulation and taxes (if they even attempt to start).  They are sending jobs overseas, or worse, flooding our country with illegals and unqualified immigrants and simultaneously crushing what is left of the American worker with high taxes, then distributing those tax dollars around the world.

Trump is right.  Trump knows how to start a business, and Trump knows how to run a business.  Trump knows how to negotiate trade agreements, and Trump has the best interest of the American works at heart.  He is the man we need in the White House.  Keep up your support for him.  He needs us more than ever.


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