Brave Young Man Saves Church Congregation

Brave Young Man Saves Church Congregation

In Tennessee, Emanuel Kidega Samson, walked into Burnette Chapel Church and started shooting.  He had already killed a beautiful soul in the parking lot.  People were running and hiding under the pews.  It was chaos.  Robert Engle bravely approached the shooter unarmed, and he was viciously pistol-whipped.  Robert then went out to his car to get his own weapon.  He has a legal license to carry, and he used it!  He saved all those souls in that church.  The shooter is lucky he is still alive.  Engle used his weapon to hold the shooter until police arrived.

The shooter?  Emanual Kidega Samson, originally from Karthoum, Sudan, but obviously came here as a child 20 years ago.  Yes, all societies and cultures have their crazies to deal with, but what sort of culture creates a man who walks into a church on a Sunday and shoots a bunch of old people?  For what purpose?  You decide.  Be watchful.  There are a lot of very angry useful idiots out there.  Trump didn’t create this tinderbox.  Clinton and Obama did.  Our self-proclaimed inclusive president (Obama) created the worst racial and religious division our country has seen in a 100 years.  It seems that was his mission, and he was extremely successful.

Thank you to Robert Engle for his courage and preparation.  We pray for all the shooting victims that they make a full recovery.  (Worldnetdaily)

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