Colleges Provide Ball Pits to Relieve Stress

Colleges Provide Ball Pits to Relieve Stress

What are they, four?  If you are a college student and haven’t learned yet how to deal with stress without reverting to the behavior of a four year old, it’s time for you to go home to mommy!  And, to all you parents who stunted your children emotionally.  Shame on you!  This is beyond ridiculous.  The fact that our institutions of higher learning, and we as a society in general, continue to mollycoddle these wimpy kids is at the root of our problems from flash-riots, polar bear hunting, taking a knee, physically attacking people for things they say, and more!  It’s time to grow up.  Sometimes you can’t get what you want, and sometimes the other guy wins.  Yes, life is a competition and not everyone gets a trophy!  Sometimes, the answer is, “No!”

Perhaps when these children decide to start behaving like adults we can let them into the public conversation.  Until then, they should all be put in detention for their criminal behavior.  They have not earned the right to sit at the grown-up table.  If their parents never taught them how to be adults, then our institutions of higher learning must bare that burden.  Sadly, we all will bare that burden for years to come.  What will happen when they are our leadership generation?  There are mature young people out there for sure.  Perhaps, they are keeping low to stay alive and are just biding their time.  Let’s hope so.

For all you snowflakes, if you behave like four-year-olds, we will treat you that way.  You are not smart enough, wise enough, or mature enough to participate in world-class challenges or debate.  (Breitbart)

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