Global Warming Scientists Admit They Were Wrong

Global Warming Scientists Admit They Were Wrong

The so-called experts are forced to admit they were wrong about global warming.  They know that the temperatures they predicted the Earth would be by 2022 cannot possibly be attained without a wild uptick in temperature in the next five years.

They now admit that their climate models were running “too hot.”  There’s a saying that has been around in the computer world for as long as there have been computers – “Garbage in, garbage out.”  They created computer models that may have been inherently faulty.  All programs are buggy, and some are downright rubbish.  Their data were faulty, and when they still didn’t get the results they wanted, they changed the data to achieve their preconceived conclusions – all the while burning through taxpayer dollars for research and alternative energy grants, kickbacks, and startups.  The global warming movement has always been about wealth redistribution, not about doing the right thing to conserve our planet.

Now that we are getting nearer to their end date, we see how wrong they were.  And, the polar ice caps are growing!  Not only is global warming not man-caused, it just simply is not.  We are in a cooling trend. (Breitbart)

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