Law and Order in Texas

Law and Order in Texas

Listen up all you leftist, anti-gun whiners.  This is what law and order should look like all over the country.  Texas Sheriff, Troy Nehls, tells looters that if they try it, they “could leave [the] county in a bag.”  The sheriff warned that Texas residents are armed, and they will use their weapons.  Good warning!  We should all be able say it.

It’s sad that we have reached such lows.  What has happened to moral code and human decency?  That’s a long editorial for another day, but real Americans won’t be victims, and we don’t stand for criminal activity.  Real Americans support the second amendment and rule of law in our great nation.  And, you know what?  It only takes a small threat like this to keep the rats and looters away, because they are all cowards.  If they know they might be harmed, they’ll stay away.  Predators and looters gravitate to the gun-control cities and states.  It’s easier and safer for them.  (Breitbart)

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