How Liberals Leave No Trace

How Liberals Leave No Trace

Liberals show their love for the environment and leave their typical mark in the desert after Burning Man.  They like to tell the rest of us what kind of food to eat, where to live, what kind of cars to drive, what type of fuel to use (preferably none), and even how to dispose of our refuse.  They dictate the material we can use to build our houses and where we can hike and picnic.  All the while claiming to be protecting the environment as only they can do.  Then when they gather in a giant outdoor event, they inevitably leave a mess – garbage and human waste.  They partied hardy at Burning Man and then left their garbage and thousands of dusty, dirty bicycles.  Apparently, they are more equal than the rest of us, and the rules don’t apply.  Don’t miss this image of the 5000 bicycles left behind at Burning Man.  (SFGate)

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