We Live in a Police State

We Live in a Police State

Is it too late to reverse?  This is extremely disturbing.  A man on a motorcycle fled from police.  Police chased but lost sight of him.  They followed him to an apartment complex but didn’t know where he lived, so they began banging on all doors near the parked motorcycle.  It was 1:30am.  Police were banging on the door of the victim and his wife and did not identify themselves as police!  The man obviously feared he was under attack, so he took up his own handgun.  The door opened, and police shot him dead.

We have reached a very dangerous tipping point.  Local police armed like the military with heavy armor and artillery, but they lack the proper training and skills to calmly deal with extremely tense situations.  And worse, they view civilians as the enemy.

The Rutherford Institute documents these facts in this case: “On July 15, 2012, Deputy Richard Sylvester spotted a speeding motorcycle while on patrol in Lake County, Florida. Sylvester pursued the motorcycle in his patrol car but lost sight of it. Subsequent reports caused Sylvester to believe that the motorcyclist might be armed, was wanted by another police department, and had been spotted at a nearby apartment complex. Arriving at the complex around 1:30 a.m., Sylvester and three other deputies began knocking on doors close to where a motorcycle was parked, starting with Apartment 114, where a light was on inside. Apartment 114 was occupied by Andrew Scott and Amy Young, who were playing video games and had no connection to the motorcycle or any illegal activity.

“Assuming tactical positions surrounding the door to Apartment 114, the deputies had their guns drawn and ready to shoot. Sylvester, without announcing he was a police officer, then banged loudly and repeatedly on the door, causing a neighbor to open his door. When questioned by a deputy, the neighbor explained that the motorcycle’s owner did not live in Apartment 114. This information was not relayed to Sylvester. Unnerved by the banging at such a late hour, Andrew Scott retrieved his handgun before opening the door. When Scott saw a shadowy figure holding a gun outside his door, he retreated into his apartment only to have Sylvester immediately open fire. Sylvester fired six shots, three of which hit and killed Scott.”

Full story on WorldNetDaily

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