Moore’s Big Win in Alabama Speaks the Truth

Moore’s Big Win in Alabama Speaks the Truth

This is the truth about what is really going on in our nation.  The populist vote is conservative, and we don’t like the direction those on the left have been taking us.  We are voting with our consumer dollars, we are voting with our free time, and we are voting with our ballots.  We love our country and our constitution, and we will use our ballots to clean house.  We are not the racists the media like to paint us to be.  We don’t like you tearing down our statues and monuments of the ten commandments.  The Roy Moore victory is just another indication of that.  (Breitbart)

The talking heads at CNNMSNBCABCCBSNPR are all scratching their heads and trying to figure out (again) how this could happen.  The truth is simple.  We like who we are.  We love our nation and our constitution.  We love our neighbors and our flag.  And, we won’t be bullied into anything else.

Morning Joe says that all Republicans are “infected” with stupidity and ignorance and that these voters are part of the Republican “radical ideology.”  Newsflash – we are average citizens of the United States of America.  There is nothing radical there.  The radicalizing is all occurring on the left – in the media and in our education system (top to bottom).

We believe in God, liberty, the rule of law, equality, and justice.  Dreamers and DACA are exactly the opposite (incidentally, 72% of the DACA population are 21 or older – not children).  They are invaders and lawbreakers.  Joe, you’re an embarrassment.  The glasses aren’t helping either.  (Breitbart)

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