Obamacare Needs to Go

Obamacare Needs to Go

Obamacare is an illegal law forcing Americans to purchase health insurance from limited providers.  It has always been about health insurance, not health care!  Obamacare passed because Liberals managed to label it a tax rather than a forced purchase which is unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court basically punted by agreeing it was a tax – which of course it is not.  Those idiots in black robes are legislating from the bench foisting Marxist, socialist policies on us.  Their job is to uphold the constitution which they failed to do.  Either that, or they don’t understand the very legal system they are charged to protect and preserve.

Now, Congress has the opportunity to do the right thing (partially) and at least do away with the tax penalty for those Americans who choose not to subscribe to Obamacare.  Of course, the threat of tax penalty thereby forcing people to sign up is the only way that the Obamacare system can stay alive.  If there is no penalty, people will bail in droves.  For now, people still have a few options with private insurers, but soon that will be gone too.

Even with the forced purchase, the entire system is imploding.  It is far too expensive for everyone, and the benefits are worse than anyone had before!  It is forcing private insurers out of the business and leaving everyone with fewer and fewer options.  Doctors and hospitals are rejecting insurance providers too.  We are headed toward a single payer system with death panels if we don’t stop this now.  Do you want guys like John McCain deciding whether you get the medical procedure you need and when?

Young people are overly burdened with expensive policies and services demanded by our aging (and greedy) society.  Without young, healthy people paying into this system, it implodes.  Everyone with a working brain saw this coming, but once it became law, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it.

Once our congressional pigs have their snouts in the money trough, we can’t get it back.  They are addicted to money, and more is never enough.  It’s very difficult for them to give up their crack.  Every senator and congressman should vote to repeal this terrible penalty (and the law entirely).  It hurts most the people who can least afford it.  The very same people that liberals claimed Obamacare would help.  Not only are Obamacare premiums more expensive by several factors than what was available in private insurance, those who decide not to join (some because they have to choose whether they abide by the law or eat) are penalized.  The amount of money collected in penalties alone is astounding!  Don’t miss this article (AmericansForTaxReform)

Pay attention to how your representatives and senators are voting on this one.

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