Voting with Your Consumer Dollars

Voting with Your Consumer Dollars

President Trump didn’t really need to step into the NFL fray.  Attendance at NFL games is already WAY down from last year, and NFL owners and players are panicking.  One has to ask what else is behind the now infamous tweet from President Trump.

We are Americans, and we don’t like it when anyone, especially professions athletes or musicians, makes millions and millions of dollars supported by our great nation and her citizens and then turns around and disrespects us.  We WILL vote with our consumer dollars.  That goes for the NFL, Hollywood, music, everything.

Keep it up.  It’s working!  We support good, decent entertainment and good, decent people.  Trump didn’t start this fight with the NFL.  It has been brewing for a long time.  They could only go for so long raking us over the financial coals all the while increasing their level of disrespect for the fans.  At a most basic level of analysis, the cost of attending a professional football game is out of reach of average American families.  Add the cost to tax payers for those glorified stadiums in every major city.  These are the professional athletes’ houses of worship.  Why are they festooned with massive images of the athletes if not for us to remember to worship these idols?  Plus, the cost of public police presence before and after games.  Don’t forget the support fans provide with their purchases of merchandise – jerseys, lunch boxes, caps, everything!  The fans and tax payers support the teams and their lifestyles, and then they expect us to sit quietly while they spit on us.  No way.  People will take their hard-earned money elsewhere.

It will get uglier before it gets better.  There is a LOT of money at stake here with very powerful lobbyists now in play (think about the advertisers who will lose money too, it’s not just the NFL).  President Trump has just rustled the bushes.  Let’s see what flies out.  (Breitbart)

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