Blood Transfusions from Women May Kill Men

Blood Transfusions from Women May Kill Men

Here’s a study that will blow the minds of modern gender-benders.  A new study shows that women who have been pregnant have antibodies in their blood that may be fatal to men who receive their blood via transfusion.  More study is needed, but this brings up a very interesting conundrum for those who like to argue that there is no difference between boys and girls.

We used to say that there is one obvious difference, but we can’t even say that anymore.  Don’t like your gender?  Join the military, and the U.S. taxpayer will pay for you to change it.  Here’s a new problem.  Need a transfusion?  If you were born male and receive a blood transfusion from a female who was ever pregnant, it just might kill you.  Is it time to admit the truth?  Men and women are different, and we are born with a physical body that is one or the other making us just that – a man or a woman!  (TelegraphUK)

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