Grandmother Saves Own Life with Her Concealed Gun

Grandmother Saves Own Life with Her Concealed Gun

In Moline Missouri, a grandmother saved her own life by defending herself with her own gun.  Dianne McIntire had a conceal carry permit and her gun in the center console of her truck when she was kidnapped at knifepoint.  The criminal had a knife, not a gun.  So, if liberals already had their way and took guns away from law-abiding citizens, Mrs. McIntire would probably be dead.  He would have successfully kidnapped her, and she would have had nothing to defend herself.  He cut her and forced her into her truck to drive them both out into the country, and she was told many times that she wouldn’t survive.

When she saw an opportunity, she quickly grabbed her gun and let the villain choose.  Stay still or be shot dead.  He behaved like the coward he was and ran away.  Mrs. McIntire drove herself to the hospital.  She is alive today only because she was armed and ready to use her weapon.  It’s unlikely you will see this story on CNNMSNBCABCCBSNPRBBC.  (WQAD)

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