Las Vegas Murderer was on Psychiatric Drugs

Las Vegas Murderer was on Psychiatric Drugs

It took a while, but it has finally come out that the Las Vegas shooter was on psychiatric drugs.  He was taking Diazapam, a powerful prescription anti-anxiety drug, which means he was probably seeing a doctor too!  Modern medical professionals are far too quick to prescribe anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications.  They don’t even know the true effects of these drugs, and many of the doctors prescribing them are not qualified to diagnose their own patients for them.  Anzxious?  Doc prescribes a pill.  All better.  Trouble is, they don’t know the real side-effects.  We’ll never know the truth on these drugs, because the lobbyists in big pharma are far too powerful.

Many are already saying that Paddock was radicalized by Islam.  Mix in a few psychiatric drugs, and we can see how deadly the combination can be.  People on these drugs can be dangerously volatile.  Think about all of the liberal snowflakes who are probably on prescription medication for anxiety and depression.  See the connection?  They know they can’t trust themselves to stay in control which is why they seek medical help.  They are given dangerous and powerful psychiatric drugs as a cure.  It makes things worse.  In these horrifying situations (especially when young people are the offenders), always ask what prescription psychotropic drugs they were on.  Big pharma doesn’t want you to know their dirty, little secret.  They are all medicated with powerful prescription drugs and then self-medicated with alcohol and marijuana.  These prescription drugs mess with your brain function.  Why is no one talking about that connection?  (WorldNetDaily)

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