How San Francisco Deals with Crime

How San Francisco Deals with Crime

Sanctuary city, San Francisco, has lots of crime problems.  Innocent citizens are shot dead in broad daylight at crowded tourist attractions and the cops and the city do nothing, except to reiterate that they are still a sanctuary city, and the door and their arms are open wide.  They continue to push gun control for law-abiding citizens while illegals murder and pillage.

And, the pillaging continues.  Car break-ins are rampant on the streets of San Francisco.  The police force has been emasculated.  They’re not free to do their jobs.  Citizens and visitors are no longer safe.  Their answer to these car crimes?  Put a sign in the window saying that there are no valuables in the car!  (SFGate)

If you don’t want the same in your town, consider how you vote in your next local elections very carefully.  Do your research and vote wisely.  It’s important!  The mental illness that is liberalism will destroy us, but only if we let it.

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