Wives of Violent Gang Rapers Blame the White Victims

Wives of Violent Gang Rapers Blame the White Victims

This is the religion of peace.  On one hand, the wives of these violent rapists say that one should never hurt another human being.  Allah would never want that.  But, when asked who is to blame for their husbands violently gang-raping white women, they blame the white women – the way they dress, or perhaps due to “bad magic.”  The same wives admit to being afraid of their violent husbands.  They are so mentally (and perhaps physically) abused, they don’t see the truth.

It’s pretty clear.  The western world is getting a glimpse of common Muslim male behavior.  Are all Muslim men violent and dangersous? No, but remember there are more than a billion on the planet (granted, not all men).  If only a fraction rationalize their brutal violent behavior, and everyone around them enables them to do so, humankind has a huge problem.  The Muslim culture allows this violence.  Their wives and children do their best to avoid it and hide from it, but if their own religion, their families and society will not or cannot stop their evil ways, who will?  You decide.  Some cultures are better than others.  (Breitbart)

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