God is Not Dead

God is Not Dead

…Man is Dead to God.  So says Michael Savage, acclaimed radio host, PhD, and author of many best-selling books.  Dr. Savage’s new book, God, Faith, and Reason is already rocketing to become another best-seller.  In his interview with Alex Marlow he says, “I just want to emphasize this: you hear ‘God’ in a title, right away you walk by and say, ‘ah, who wants to hear that preachy, sanctimonious stuff?’ That’s the immediate reaction in a nation as devoid of any faith as you could ever imagine. That’s where we’re at today. I mean, Rome was probably more faithful than this country is right now, at least from the media point of view.”

Just as Rome fell, we too shall fall as we push God out of our hearts.  Find and click the link to Dr. Savage’s book on this page to support Intellectualgumbo and purchase the sage words of one of the wisest men in our time.  (Breitbart)

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