Roy Moore Accuser Admits It Was Just a Feeling She Had

Roy Moore Accuser Admits It Was Just a Feeling She Had

Faye Gary, a former police officer who accused Roy Moore of bigotry and harassment, was forced to admit that her claims are unsubstantiated.  She claimed that as an Alabama police officer she was warned to keep the cheerleaders from former Judge Moore.  She also said that Roy Moore hated Jews, blacks, and Muslims.  With only a few simple, mundane questions from a Breitbart reporter, she relented and had to admit that her claims could not be substantiated.  She even said that her claim about Moore hating blacks was just a “feeling” she had.

MSNBC paraded Ms. Gary on news broadcasts where she accused Moore of bigotry and racial hatred, and she implied that Moore is a molester.  The professionals at MSNBC apparently chose not to do ANY background check or research on her unsubstantiated claims.

The real bombshell?  Ms. Gary’s brother, Jimmy Write, was convicted by then prosecutor Moore in a high-profile drug case in 1982!  Jimmy went to jail, but Ms. Gary says she had completely forgotten about that.  Feh!

The fact that the entire mainstream media publicized and promoted these unsubstantiated claims without vetting the source is proof-positive that they are simply out to pillory a white guy.  Do your jobs news reporters!  Roy Moore is the good guy!

Why would we so soon forget that Judge Roy Moore (yes, the same Roy Moore) lost his job only a few short years ago fighting to keep a statue of the ten commandments on the steps of the Alabama legislature?  Back when no one was paying attention to the fact that God was being ripped from our society, Roy Moore was fighting for what is right.  The picture being painted of him today in no way matches their previous picture of the dim-witted judge from Alabama fighting for God.  Yes, that’s the way they presented him.  Why wouldn’t they?  Sadly, it’s easy to destroy a person’s credibility by pointing out the fact that he is a God-fearing man.  Who would pay attention to a nobody judge from the Bible belt?

Well, we are paying attention.  Are we to believe that this man, who sacrificed his entire career to do the right thing for God and the state of Alabama, is a molester and womanizer.  I don’t think so.  The leftists (and the real haters) in our country are paying attention now, and they’re going after Roy Moore now, because they are scared.  He’s a good man, fearlessly fighting for what is right, and Alabamans are listening.  They just might vote for him!  Gasp!

The mainstream media are finished.  We will never trust them again.  We will find better sources of news and truth, and we will stand up for goodness and light.  No longer shall we be deceived.  Read the story from the reporter who did do his job properly.  (Breitbart)

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