CNN Gets It Wrong Again

CNN Gets It Wrong Again

CNN and the mainstream media are so desperate to take down Donald Trump that they jump on every so-called lead without checking it out first.  This time was a huge debacle and possibly the end of CNN as a real news source for their remaining audience.  Even the most leftist liberal can’t ignore their blatant lack of professionalism.  They have made themselves ridiculous.

On Friday, CNN reported that they had proof-positive that candidate Trump colluded with Wikiieaks (and the Russians) to take down HIllary’s campaign.  Their story was false!  Within a few hours, the story was proven false and fake.  They hyped and promoted the story for hours.  How did they correct it?  With a tweet.  Turns out CNN never even saw the email that supposedly contained the smoking gun.  Despicable.  There is no journalistic accuracy or integrity left in the mainstream media. (TheIntercept)

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