Global Warming Hacks Muck with the Raw Data

Global Warming Hacks Muck with the Raw Data

Global warming enthusiasts have again shown the nature of their moral character.  This time, they have changed the raw data collected on the sea level of the Indian Ocean.  They adjusted the data to make it appear that there is a continuing, severe rise in sea levels.  The truth is that there is barely a measurable rise, meaning there is none, except for the slow, natural cycle of planet Earth.

Data collectors took it upon themselves to fudge the data to make the picture fit the global alarmist war cry.  Melting ice caps will lead to rising sea levels, and we’ll all drown.  If sea levels are not rising, then to the same logic, ice caps are not melting.  How to explain?  It’s a conundrum for the liars, so they cheat to support the fantasy.

These so-called scientists and trusted institutions are lying to us.  (Breitbart)

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