Liberals Cry Foul Because Trump Does Too Much

Liberals Cry Foul Because Trump Does Too Much

Liberals don’t know what to do with a president who is actually doing his job and doing it well!  Apparently, they were so content with Obama’s passivism and sell-out policies that they cannot recognize what it looks like to get a job done, and done well.  The New York Times is working overtime to turn a good thing into a bad thing, but the truth is that Trump is working hard and doing the job we elected him to do.

What do the folks at the Grey Lady have to say about that?  Do they congratulate him or encourage him to do more for the American people?  No.  They hypothesize that his first-year success and continued popularity is just a fluke and due to confusion and presumed extreme idiocy of Trump’s base.  In their minds, Trump is creating news chaos and confusion by doing so much and creating too much news.  They say that he is doing so much so fast that people just don’t know which end is up, so our continued support of this president and his policies is simply masterful manipulation.  According to Matt Flegenheimer, that is the only possible explanation.  Average Americans are so stupid that the only answer to Trump’s continued popularity is that the despicables in the fly-over states are just confused.

Fegenheimer’s opinion piece is fascinating and revealing on so many levels.  Liberals are incapable of understanding good, decent, all-American values.  They assume everyone around them is stupid.  They are arrogant and erudite.  They KNOW that they should be dictating how we live and how we think.  In fact, it is their duty as good, world citizens.  They are such control freaks that when others show any sign of independent thought, they freak out.  They are such extreme followers and conformists that they cannot tolerate differing opinions in any way.  They are so arrogant that they KNOW a differing opinion is just wrong!  The only way to explain it is to assume that others must be brainwashed or under a spell – so Trump MUST be a master spellmeister.

These liberal elitists are so desperate to maintain their tenuous self-respect that they have to change the argument to convince themselves that they are still the smartest people in the room.  So now, the argument is that Trump has the ability to hypnotize people and that’s why his first year was such a success – his success just couldn’t be due to his hard work, focus, and commitment to the American people (all of them).  Liberals have completely lost the plot, grasping at any straw and changing the argument so many times that they have completely lost touch with reality.

Well, Mr. Fegenheimer, here’s the truth that you refuse to face.  The jig is up.  The sleeping giant that was the silent majority in the U.S.A. is wide awake and your fake news and word games don’t work anymore.  We know what is important.  President Trump is doing exactly what he promised, and this is why we voted for him!

The Grey Lady is on life support.  Everyone knows it except the liberals in New York City and every political swamp creature inside the beltway.  (NewYorkTimes)

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