No More Yearbooks.  Roy Moore Accuser Faked It

No More Yearbooks. Roy Moore Accuser Faked It

Allred and Nelson seem to have been caught in a big lie as they attempt to accuse former Alabama judge, Roy Moore, of sexual harassment.  Moore is running for the U.S. senate, and the left are stumbling all over themselves to stop him.  This is the same Roy Moore who, as a judge, sacrificed his long, outstanding career as a prosecutor and a judge to save a statue of the ten commandments at the state’s capital.  He lost.

Now, he is running for U.S. senator of the great state of Alabama, and the rats are doing their best to take him down.  The great people of Alabama (and thinking people across the country) are not being fooled.

Allred and Nelson presented a yearbook as proof-positive that he is a womanizer.  His crime?  He signed her yearbook decades ago.  Their problem?  Their accusations are falling down.  The yearbook inscription was not completely his, and it has been proven.  She admits that she added to it after he signed.  Some even question the validity of the signature.  Why won’t Allred release the yearbook in question to an independent investigator?  Even if the silly inscription were his, it is so innocuous as to make Allred and Nelson ridiculous.  But, it is fake.  And as an aside, what polite person would refuse to sign the yearbook of a classmate?  Not one.

It is still all fake.  Moore is a good man.  And, can we pause for one second and get some perspective?  Juanita Broaddrick publicly accused Bill Clinton of raping her in a hotel room when he was governor of Arkansas.  And worse, she says he used the state troopers to bring her an other women to his room (remember Troopergate?).  She was ignored and personally destroyed by Hillary and her political machine.  Time magazine today says that her comments about their “Person of the Year” award (the courageous women who are exposing sexual harassers) are not relevant.  Where was Time Magazine when Juanita was raped?  Helping the Clinton machine destroy her.  Where are they now?  Still pushing her down.  She doesn’t fit the profile, and she is accusing their idol.  Lying liars on the left, all.  Juanita and several other women had their lives ruined by Bill the predator and Hillary the protector.

Watch yourselves young men (men of all ages).  The crazy, idiot women’s libbers are out to get you.  They have no use for you, and they are on the warpath.  They need to be stopped, or real intelligent women will lose.  We all will lose.

Breitbart is being attacked by mainstream media (something that should always make you sit up and take notice) for calling the yearbook evidence a forgery.  They are right!  (Breitbart)

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