Trump Lets the Military Do Its Job and a Caliphate Falls

Trump Lets the Military Do Its Job and a Caliphate Falls

President Trump takes the bureaucratic shackles off the U.S. Military in the Middle East, and ISIS loses its stranglehold.  The brave men and women in the U.S. military have had a year to do their jobs without long-distance constraints from the U.S. administration, and they have been wildly successful.  ISIS has lost 98% of the territory it held in Iraq and Syria during the Obama administration.

You won’t hear this news in the mainstream media, because it only goes to show that military prowess serves a purpose, and their pacifist agenda failed miserably in the war against evil.  The truth is our military is very effective when allowed to do its job properly.  It’s no surprise that the strongest military in the world has the ability to take down knife-wielding, rock-throwing, cave-dwellers.  The Caliphate is falling.  It didn’t take very long once the ridiculous rules of engagement of the Obama administration were removed.

This is great news for the U.S. and for the world.  Thank you, President Trump!  (Breitbart)

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