Violent Criminals Own the City of San Francisco

Violent Criminals Own the City of San Francisco

This is what liberal policies and sanctuary cities get you – an open invitation for the crazies to come and commit violent acts on law-abiding citizens.  Garcia Zarate was just acquitted of murder in San Francisco.  The 5-time deported illegal shot and killed Kate Steinle as she strolled with her father on the crowded waterfront in broad daylight.  Plenty of people witnessed him “playing” with the gun before firing it and killing Steinle, and they witnessed him running away.  Steinle died within in minutes in her father’s arms.  Was he punished, thrown in jail, deported permanently with special circumstances?  No way.  Not in this sanctuary city.  It seems he’s the real victim and deserves our sympathy.

The defense argued that Zarate found an object that turned out to be a gun and he mistakenly fired it and accidentally struck Steinle – fatally.

All you get from broken, liberal (perhaps drug-addled), gobbledy-gook logic is confusion!  That jury didn’t know which end was up.  Zarate is a killer – whether cold-blooded and calculated is another story, but one could and should argue that going to the crowded tourist spot and twirling a semi-automatic handgun in broad daylight was a desire to hurt or kill someone, anyone.  He is certainly not innocent.  Please don’t try to say he didn’t know what he “found” (it’s more likely he bought it or stole it) and didn’t know how to use it.  And, if the crazies are armed, we should be too.  Let’s not forget that San Francisco is a strict gun-control city.  Apparently the only people who are not allowed to have guns are the law-abiding citizens.  They’re just the sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.

The city of San Francisco and the United States government also share very much in the blame.  Zarate was deported five times and was only days before released from jail (again!).  Are you a San Francisco resident?  Had enough yet, or are you going to twist yourself in knots trying to defend a murderer?  Trump calls the verdict a disgrace, and he is 100% correct.  This is disgusting and shameful.  (San Francisco CBS)

Rest in peace, Kate.  Your city, your state, and your nation failed you.  You are missed.

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