The Beginning of the End of Another Hollywood Career

The Beginning of the End of Another Hollywood Career

Debra Messing is in the news for praising her son for choosing to sit during the national anthem at a sporting event.  First of all, who?  Secondly, why would anyone care what this actress has to say?  Apparently, she’s proud that her son asked to sit to show support for the NFL players.  Does she even know what they are protesting?  She’s proud that her son is not proud of his own country and had to tweet it out to the world.  She was brought to tears with pride that he son supports the violent group BLM.  It’s disappointing and sad that she doesn’t know how to set a good, decent example for her son as a human being, but this is really a nothing story.

The real story is that it portends the end of yet another Hollywood career.  When will they learn that we don’t care about their politics?  A talented actress?  Perhaps.  Or, perhaps an expert mimic able to precisely regurgitate lines that someone else wrote for her.  The mainstream media think her parenting skills are newsworthy and apparently there is nothing else happening in the world.  We, on the other hand, are taking notes and voting with our consumer dollars.  Don’t miss the fact that this is reported by NBC, but the video shot here is from Fox News!  (NBC)

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